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SPEAKERS: Janet Carmosky, Greg Paull and Michael A. Zakkour

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Michael A. Zakkour is principal at Technomic Asia, a management consulting firm based in Shanghai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tompkins International. He has 15+ years' experience in international market strategy and consulting, primarily in China. Michael has worked for over a decade in luxury and premium brand production, marketing, and distribution in China.
His extensive, hands-on dealings in China during the last decade have led Mr. Zakkour to be widely consulted by businesses, universities, and media on such topics as Chinese business and investment opportunities; the ever-changing nature of China–U.S. trade and political relations; cross-cultural negotiation; manufacturing/sourcing/supply chain management; marketing, sales, and distribution in the Chinese market; apparel production and sales and green/sustainable growth initiatives.
Greg Paull began his career as a marketer and has spent 20+ years living and working in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York and now China. Eight years ago, he co-founded R3, the only independent consultancy based in the BRIC markets focused on improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Their clients include Coca Cola, Samsung, Singapore Airlines, adidas, VISA and Johnson & Johnson. In recent years, it has also forged relationships with top Chinese brands such as Lenovo and Li Ning.
In 2010, R3 merged with Jones Lundin Beals in the US, forming R3:JLB focused on global marketers.
Janet Carmosky, CEO of The China Business Network, author of The China Competency Code, will present an overview of China's markets for international luxury and consumer goods. She also discusses her insights on what attracts Chinese businesses and consumers into relationships with those brands. Janet's 20 years of work experience in China includes staff and senior management roles in buying agencies, consumer product strategy, retail, internet and PR. With near-native fluency in Mandarin and solid Cantonese, she also facilitates board-level communication between Chinese and American organizations.
Janet has a BA Chinese Studies (U. Pennsylvania 1985) and has worked in senior management for Burson-Marsteller PR (Director, Shanghai): Web Connection/chinadotcom, (Director of Operations, Shanghai); Richina Fashion Retail, (General Manager, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong); Richina Capital, (VP, Shanghai); Coopers & Lybrand Strategy Consulting, (Shanghai) and other firms. Her past and current clients include Office Depot, Wella AG, Bacardi, Marriott, Continental Airlines, PR Newswire, Wal*Mart, Corning, Waste Management, Sony, Citroen, Alcatel, Ethicon Endosurgery, Briggs & Stratton, Unilever, Alpharma, Givenchy, Yue Sai Kan.

China Marketing Mindset

Inside the China Marketing Mindset
Discussions on Branding, Advertising & Communications in Contemporary China

October 19, 2011—at The Thomson Reuters Building; Three Times Square, 30th Floor
8:30 am for light breakfast and Think Tank through 10:45 am

China is on the mind of every marketing executive today. Not only does one need to understand the often enigmatic outlook of the Chinese consumer or business person, but numerous geo-political and macro-economic issues can factor in the most basic of marketing strategies. China is now the world’s 3rd largest ad market; a decade ago its ranking was insignificant. With the right marketing strategies, the Middle Kingdom can provide unprecedented brand growth—although communicating long-established brand values to a new consumer with a different marketing mindset can be challenging.

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