THE LATIN AMERICAN 50 Think Tank- March 29, Miami
March 29—8:30- 10:30 at The Sofitel Miami, 5800 Blue Lagoon Road.


The Internationalist’s LATIN AMERICAN 50 comprise top marketer talent focused on Latin America now. In an effort to continue to increase Latin America's marketing potential and growing sophistication, THE 50 and their colleagues are gathering at regular Think Tanks to share ideas and help share the future of the industry.

Given the interest in how the varied economics of the region affect marketing,John Price, the straight-talking analyst from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), known for his insights into Latin American business, will provide a private overview for THE 50 and their guests.


ABOUT JOHN PRICE & American Market Intelligence:
John Price is the straight-talking analyst known for his insights into Latin American business. His Miami-based research and consulting company,Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), is affiliated with the Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a market intelligence firm with 25 offices worldwide.
Price has practiced market intelligence in emerging markets, mainly in Latin America, for two decades. In 1992, he founded InfoMex in Mexico City, which later became InfoAmericas with offices in Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Miami. In 2007, he sold InfoAmericas to Kroll Associates and started their market intelligence practice.