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The increased responsibilities of 21st century marketing leaders are not only exceedingly complex, but carry far greater levels of accountability than ever before. Marketers are charged with building brands NOW—not over time—in an environment that stresses increased sales TODAY. Working in “real time” with accelerated decision-making and instant data feedback demands that a smart marketer execute and evaluate simultaneously.

On a larger scale, he or she must be the company’s visionary and its expert on trends, while demonstrating adeptness at both internal and external communications. Add a global overlay of regulations, carbon footprints, CSR, cultures, languages, political environments and all manner of differing perspectives… and you’ve described one of the world’s most challenging occupations—played on a very public stage fraught with immediate customer reaction that directly affects a brand’s potential for success.

Goal of THE 100:

This invitation-only annual gathering enables marketing leaders to connect, share challenges, and listen to fresh perspectives in the right-sized setting among peers, so they can contribute to effectively moving their professional discipline forward.

THE 100 underscores that the combined marketing tasks of communications and measurement have enhanced the role of marketing leadership within the corporation given how today’s marketing activities deliver significant value and tangible results.

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