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An Internationalist 1000 Think Tank with the ANA


Invitation only for Internationalist 1000 members & guests

Wednesday morning, September 11, 2013
8:45 am- 11:45 am at Three Times Square, 30th Floor
(Enter on 7th Avenue between 42/43 Streets- Thomson Reuters Building)
Coffee & breakfast items available all morning


Reinventing Marketing Leadership Amid Global Complexity


This is an intimate, peer-to-peer thought leadership gathering designed to offer ideas to meet the increased responsibilities of 21st century marketers in a more accountable, real-time world.


The morning will be fast-paced with short high-energy 20-minutes sessions, plus panel discussion to enable more viewpoints.


Arrive 8:45- 9:15
Think Tank- 9:15- 11:30 
(There will be one break)

Marketing 3.0: Changes You Need to Make Now And a Prelude to the Store of the Future
Technology is moving at a pace we've never before experienced, and the best way to prepare for the future is to embrace technology today.  Beth Warren, who leads the design and consulting practice of Creative Realities, regularly guides marketers through the process of how technology can both enable and transform experience at retail – for the better.
She’ll offer a peek at what's in-store for marketers by looking at how technology can change the way customers experience a brand.  Plus, she’ll provoke new ways of thinking about the marketing planning process through the lens of technology consumption.  Beth will also suggest what brands and retailers can do right now to make substantial gains – and pave the way for the future.
Let’s Connect: The Global Complexity of the Multi-Screening Consumer
Kit Haines-Bornheimer has led global marketing initiatives for technology leaders including AT&T and Motorola Mobility (now ARRIS). An expert in mobile media consumption trends, Kit has observed the worldwide nuances of how consumers around the globe interact with their smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices both inside and outside their homes. Find out more about the phenomena of “multi-screening:” who is using what device, for what reason, at what time during the day, and why more and more consumers are initiating “companion experiences” that have them using two or more devices at the same time.
The extremely complex landscape of global broadband and Internet access, combined with social and cultural norms around the globe, mean that Japanese consumers actually seek out and interact with video content differently, and on different devices, than do their counterparts in the UAE. Such insights can be extremely valuable when optimizing regional media mixes or when penetrating a new market.    
Uncovering the Myths of Big Data
Is data the “creative” of the future? As marketers look to create a culture of accountability, Barb Kittridge, CMO of Cardinal Path, will provide some thought starters on how companies are unleashing the power of their data and transforming their marketing organizations and agency relationships.  Barb brings her global experience as both a brand marketer and an agency Managing Director to the task of advocating that marketers own and exploit their data. 
A recent study from IBM suggests that 82% of marketers rely on experience and hunches to make decisions.  So how can these “sexy, little numbers” best affect the personalization of advertising and its ROI?  She’ll help to de-mystify one of the industry’s biggest trends in terms of marketing investment, resource allocation and organizational focus.
Panel Discussion- OPEN TO ALL.  Panelists will start the conversation.

How is marketing throughout the world reinventing itself?  What matters most today?  Will that change tomorrow?

Business now exists amid an Age of Responsibility.  Marketers succeed when brand decisions and messages are fully integrated—internally and externally-- and synchronized across all media channels on a global basis.  However, new pressures from procurement departments as well as from top management looking for effective use of funds, tangible growth, cutting-edge communications and purpose-driven initiatives translate to extraordinary demands on marketing leaders. 
We’ll see how marketers and agencies—of all types—are anticipating change.  Plus we’ll gauge how their views may (or may not) be aligned.